We believe in informed decisions, in measuring what is measurable. Sensar is distinguished by quality, co-creation and customer solutions. With us, you’ll never get costly ‘surprises’ after the fact. What you do get: a product that is 100% guaranteed to work perfectly. A product that you understand and that you can start using immediately.

How can we guarantee that? All our products are developed together with our customers through our unique co-creation model: 90% trusted basic technology, 10% customer-specific innovation. This means we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, but we do tailor the product to your specific situation. Our products always include user support.

Sensar stands for the highest quality. And it should be. After all, the consequences of settlement can be very costly and disastrous. That’s why we work on this every day (and night) on behalf of our customers, in a ruthless manner until we are one hundred percent sure we haven’t missed anything. Because we see it as our responsibility.

Sensar was founded in 2017 by an experienced InSAR team. From our offices in Rijswijk, The Netherlands to Mendoza, Argentina, we serve clients worldwide. Every collaboration starts with an initial conversation, so contact us and we will be happy to discover how we can support you.


Arjan Tabak

Managing Director


Arjan is responsible for the commercial side of the company and does general management. He has a strong affinity with the market and users. He uses his years of experience with the technology and the market to help our customers find the best solutions.

Reinier Oost

Director of Technology


Reinier is responsible for our technology with which we deliver high quality and user-friendly products for various markets. Through his years of experience in using (In)SAR data for various applications, he is able to transform technological innovation into analysis-ready products.

Anibal Rivero

Director of IT


Anibal leads our IT platform, through which we process petabytes of satellite data using hundreds of processing servers. With more than 20 years of IT technology experience, he is the software engineering backbone of our team.

Corné Verhoeven

Application Engineer


Corné has an MSc in Aerospace Engineering and solid experience in data science. Corné invents and creates simple data products based on the complex InSAR measurements, facilitating interpretation and matching the data to the specific customer problem. To this end, he is constantly developing new prototypes that take our data visualization, integration into customer systems, standardization, and quality control another step further.

Joana Wiese

Application Engineer


Joana holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from TU Delft and a strong background in working with satellite data. As an Application Engineer, she strives to deliver high-quality products tailored to our customers’ needs. To ensure that our products are easy to use, she uses her creativity and expertise to continually take visualization, quality control and product delivery a step further.

Femke Bulsing

Application Engineer


As an Application Engineer, Femke’s goal is to present data in a specified and interpretable way. With her background in Remote Sensing and enthusiasm for data processing and visualization, she is driven to work with the complexity of InSAR technology. Femke is also completing her MSc in Geosciences and Remote Sensing in collaboration with Sensar, specializing in SAR satellite imagery.

Dr. David A. Monge

AI Engineer


David is a dynamic AI specialist who is always innovating. He has a PhD in AI methods for cloud computing and brings over 10 years of experience in the field of AI and large scale computing. David has a passion for developing innovative algorithms and tackling complex problems in the field of Machine Learning and Metaheuristics. At Sensar, he is responsible for fundamental innovation in AI and Data Science.

Sergio Alonso

Platform Engineer


Sergio makes sure everything runs smoothly at our highly scalable data processing platform. He does this at the IT infrastructure level by optimizing the source code and keeping it free of bugs. His passion, extensive knowledge, and 25 years of work experience make him one of the best in his field.

Alexandru Dămăcuș

Software Engineer


Alex is a Software Engineer with a strong passion for innovation and problem solving. With a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, he excels at refining our software, from optimization to expansion, finding and applying innovative solutions at every step of our production pipeline.

Danyal Çorumlu

UI/Data Science


Danyal is a civil engineer with an affinity for Data Science. He is responsible for optimizing the user experience of our products. Next to visualization, he is also working on the performance of our viewer with large datasets and streamlining the internal production pipeline. He uses his experience in both the industry and the public sector to reach practical and innovative solutions. Next to his job at Sensar, he is following a civil engineering specialization at TU Delft

Roeland Mackloet

Strategy Advisor


Roeland is our Strategy Advisor. He works for various sectors, including ‘outer space’. Roeland likes a holistic approach. With his extensive experience in business, he is the sparring partner for the issues that help Sensar take the next step.

Dr. Esteban Aguilera

Scientific Advisor


Esteban is our scientific advisor on forward-looking innovation and SAR technology. He has a degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in radar image processing with satellites and aircraft. His interests lie in everything related to space, relativistic mechanics, machine learning, optimization,  quantum mechanics, and image processing.